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Prepare For Your Scan

You will need to wear appropriate clothing for the scan to work. Find out below what you need.

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Make sure hair is tied up off of the neck and shoulders


Wear form-revealing clothing. Gym trousers and vest are appropriate. Please wear a sports bra if appropriate.


Stand on the footprints on the turntable, facing the sensor tower. It is better to be bear footed with any clothing form-revealing around the ankles or bear.


Raise your arms until your hands are level with your shoulders, and close your fingers into fists. This is called a "T Pose". Feel your body straighten, and your shoulders lift.


Then, lower your arms until they are about 8 inches (20 cm) away from your torso. This is called an "A Pose". The software will display digital "wings" showing where the correct position should be. You want your arms to be in the lower green area.


Remain still during the scan. The turntable will rotate more than a full rotation. Stay relaxed, and breathe normally.

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