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Blood Test

Blood Tests

Profiles tailored for your concerns or just a general check

Self-Requested Blood Tests

We offer a range of blood tests and are taken on site. If you have symptoms then please book an appointment with a doctor first to know which tests are right for you.

On site blood test appointment fee

Only £35

 Young Woman Contemplating

Tired All The Time

Address common causes of fatigue in your patients including nutritional deficiencies and thyroid function.


Outdoor Training

Sports Performance

Optimise athletic performance by monitoring nutrition, hormone and stress levels, providing insight to prevent injury and overtraining.


Man with Mask


A panel of tests to establish likelihood of having long-covid


Healthy lifestyle concept with diet  fitness and medicine.jpg

Lifestyle Screen

Essential clinical chemistry tests with nutritional markers to establish your general wellbeing.


Pregnancy Test


Rule out common differential diagnoses associated with difficulty conceiving.


Natural Beauty


Hormonal check to evaluate your menopause status


Eating Time

Digestive Health

An overview of your nutritional and digestive health


Stressed Woman


Simple blood test to measure your stress hormone levels


Sunset Love


Check for common causes of reduced libido


Thinking Man on Couch

Erectile Dysfunction

Check for common causes of erectile dysfunction


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