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At Lifestyle Medical Clinic, we believe in providing bespoke comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine consultations and programs. Our goal is to offer personalised care that supports you in making the health changes you need to live your best life.

Lifestyle medicine is the future of modern healthcare.


We envision a world where people make the important changes to their lifestyle to prevent, minimise or reverse chronic illness. Live healthier for longer.

Lifestyle counseling
Team Meeting


Clinical Excellence

We ensure that our clinicians are highly qualified.

Passionate Care

We believe providing tailored care can impact your health

Health Made Simple

We take you back to basics and simplify your health to make real changes.

Lifelong Change

We provide the tools to empower you to make changes that aim to last.


Dr Tom


Co-Founder and Managing Director

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr. Tom is a General Practitioner and International board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician. He co-founded Lifestyle Medical Clinic to provide patients with the personalised care they need to achieve their health goals. Dr. Tom believes that many chronic diseases can be prevented and even reversed through lifestyle interventions, and he is committed to helping his patients achieve their health goals.

Irene Longer Headshot_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Co-Founder and CEO

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Irene is a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine practitioner. She co-founded Lifestyle Medical Clinic to help patients achieve optimal health through personalised care and lifestyle changes. Irene believes in an evidence-based approach to healthcare, and works with each patient to create a tailored plan that fits their unique needs.

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